Our Current Locations: MONDAY (12-8pm) - Two Shy Brewing, 1308 NW Park St. #100, Roseburg
WEDNESDAY (12-8pm) - Lookingglass Brewery, 192 SE Main St., Winston

Taste the


Welcome to our Chinese Xiang Cuisine food truck, where you will experience Fresh and Authentic cuisine from the HuNan province of China. We see many of our customers weekly, which speaks to our quality and variety of menu items. Our menu includes several Vegetarian and Gluten Free menu options. If you have experienced authentic Chinese in San Francisco or Vancouver or China, you will find a similar fresh taste from our food truck.

A photo of a delicious HuNan Chinese Chow Mein noodle dish with vegetables
A photo of a delicious HuNan Chinese Gong Bao Chicken dish and a glass of beer from Two Shy Brewing in Roseburg, OR
A photo of a delicious HuNan Chinese dish of Pork Belly with broccoli and rice
A photo of Sami in her food truck cooking

Meet the Chef

Sami learned the craft of preparing and cooking Chinese food in her hometown of AnJiang, China (Xiang / HuNan style food) which is a very remote and semi-tropical farming area. As a teenager, Sami moved to the East coast of China, where the wages are better and worked for 7 years in restaurants in ShenZhen (Cantonese style food) and ShangHai, China.

Where to Find us:

MONDAY - 12pm-8pm:
Two Shy Brewing
Two Shy Brewing logo
1308 NW Park St #100, Roseburg, OR 97470

WEDNESDAY - 12pm-8pm:
Looking Glass Brewery Logo
Lookingglass Brewery
192 SE Main St, Winston, OR 97496

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We have Vegetarian and
Gluten Free Options.